Kanifas Kite Boarding School Cabarete

                Sergei Krasavin
            Kite instructor IKO level 2 

Methods IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation), as well as my long experience windsurfing and kiteboarding are helping me train quickly efficiently and safely.


             Sergei Rybakov
           windsurfing instructor

                        asiistent instructor

     Phone in the Dominican Republic   +1 8098735907  
     Skype: kserg1231

  • You  can check IKO membership here
    When you want to take a look on Bozo Beach in Cabarete and see how the kiteboarding lessons go then you can find us on this spot:

    Take a look on the Google Maps Card we created to see where this spot is on Bozo Beach in Cabarete. On good wind days Kanifas Kite Boarding School is always here, during the afternoon.
    Drop by and see how we work!