Kiteboarding on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic: Town Cabarete

When you live on an island and the sea is everywhere around you than you might think that you  be able to kite surf everywhere. But the right spot, especially the place for a kiteboarding school, must match numerous factors: 

  • The direction and speed of the wind according to the shore, 
  • The ability to start from the beach, 
  • Ocean floor, 
  • Presence/absence of the currents, 
  • Coral reefs, 
  • The width and the length of the beach.

One of the reason why we settled in Cabarete our Kite Boarding school is that the above mentioned factors are close to optimal in Cabarete.


Cabarete Tourist Center

Cabarete, as a tourist center, was initially developed for windsurfing, and after that the development of kite surfing came. For the protection of Cabarete as a kite boarding and windsurfing center, the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism has forbidden to build buildings on the banks of more then three floors, and to ride watercraft and other motor vehicles in the coastal zone. 

The center part of Cabarete with different shops, hotels is located near the road that runs along the ocean and connects different cities, villages, communities. The road isn't very wide and often there may be some traffic jams in the center of the Cabarete. On the ocean side of the town there are many bars, hotels, shops, restaurants and clubs. On the other - number of villages and residences.  

Cabarete Beaches

The Cabarete spot lies in two lagoons. First one is Bozo Beach, second - Kite Beach. A little further from Cabarete to Sosúa direction (north-west) you find a beach Encuentro, on Sabaneta side  (south-east) - spot La Boca. 

The right side of the Bozo Beach lagoon is covered with the protruding cape from the east winds and located in the wind shadow. The left side of the lagoon next to the Kite Beach is fully opened to the wind. The wind here is onshore, comes from the right at about 30-35 degrees Usually with such onshore conditions surf wave is too strong (as in Mui Ne, for example) for the beginners. 

However Cabarete differs as the shore reef is away which allows to break waves. It turns one compact space into several areas for riding. For those who learn kite surfing in Cabarete, there are perfect conditions for the first body-drags and stand-ups on the board. And if someone are not able to control and raise kite, it drifts to the shore down the wind. Freestyle elements are also can be trained here. There are many windsurfing and kite surfing schools and rentals here for these reasons. 

On Encuentro beach you can find mostly surfers. 

(Encuentro Beach in Cabarete)

La Boca

One of the interesting places near Cabarete is La Boca. The road to this place passes through half empty tourist complex first, then few miles along the sandy beach, after which you arrive to the spot 

where the river meets the ocean.  

On the bank there are two little restaurants. The convenient location allows you to ride on the smooth, fresh and warm water of the river. Another good thing about this spot is that there are never too many riders as the width of the place is not too big and good only for experienced ones. If you drop your kite after a jump there it may fall on the trees. A lot of videos of the professional kiters were filmed at La Boca. 

Winds in Cabarete

There is no wind seasonality: during summer it blows stronger and more stable, and almost every day. The climate is mild and smooth, without sudden changes in temperature. The ocean water is always warm and the wet suit is not needed (only a short and easy one in the winter if you really like to stay the warmest). There are no "creatures" in the ocean and the rain season does not exist.  

And if Columbus had called this island "paradise with high hills covered with trees",  I would've added "for surfing".

You may want to see on Google Maps where those beaches on the North Coast are:

(Bozo Beach in Cabarete is one of the best kite surfing spots in the world for kitesurfing)