Kite boarding lessons Cabarete at Kanifas Kiteboarding School 

The weather in Cabarete is ideal for taking kiteboarding lessons. The wind starts to pick up around 11.00 am (we then encourage initiations), then establishes itself around 1h00 pm and blows until sunset. 

We generally have kiteboarding lessons in 3 hour sessions. You should need approximately 9 hours of kiteboarding lessons, which is usually 3 days, to start getting on the kiteboard and attempt your first kiteboarding rides.


IKO Certified kiteboarding lessons with Kanifas Kiteboarding School

Our kiteboarding teaching method, which has evolved progressively over the years, is also based on the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification standards. The IKO center, located at Cabarete, plays the role of international kiteboarding federation. A respect of IKO kiteboarding standards assures a safe and progressive instruction, whilst aiming for the students independence and autonomy.

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Rates for kiteboarding lessons at Kanifas Kiteboarding School, Cabarete

Price for Individual kiteboarding lessons. US$ 60,00  per hour

Payment in advance for each class.

(one class is at least 2 hours , depending on the windconditions of course)

Price for a course of 10 hours kiteboarding lessons US$: 450,00

Prices are US$ 45 per hour 

Payment in advance for the whole course.

(for the beginners the payment will be for at least 10 hours)

Trial Class Kiteboarding lessons 3 hours  165 US$ / 55,00 per hour

If you decide after the trial classes to continue the kiteboarding lessons then the pre-payment will be for at least next 7 hours of the course: 285 US$ (total price is based on 10 hours X 45 US$) 

Payment in advance for the whole course.

The prices include the kiteboarding equipment, insurance for the equipment (if damaged).

IKO registration

After the full course you will get the IKO card with achieved  level and the online registration on the IKO website.


If the prepaid kiteboarding course was not completed due to the weather conditions, rapid progress in training, lack of the wind, injury or illness, or any other reason related to the instructor's inability to proceed with the training, the money for extra hours will be returned.


In case for missed days with a good forecast for the wind with other reasons then above, the payment for two hours (2 X 45 US$) will be taken from the total of hours.

For the kiteboarding lessons you also need: 

  • high sunscreen protection, 
  • water or other beverages for you, 
  • sunglasses (preferably suitable for the water sports),
  • Advised is to wear clothes that cover arms and legs .
  • ">Ability to swim

You don't need any kiteboarding lessons anymore and want to rent a complete Kite Gear?

Rental Costs for board, kite, harness

 US$ 50 / day
 US$ 40 / day - when you rent it for one week,
 US$ 35 / day - when you rent more than a week.


Kite insurance (against damage) -  5 US$ extra per day added to the rental cost.
Delivery of equipment to spot-  5 US$ extra per day.
Replacement size kite as needed-  5 US$  extra per day
Loss of rented equipment is paid separately according to pre-agreed price.

For the rental we need to know your IKO level (IKO kiteboarder card or practical conformation of skills) and weight. 

Kanifas Kiteboarding School in Cabarete: Youtube Movie with a photo impression of a first lesson on Bozo Beach.