Encuentro Beach ("Encuentro" translated from spanish as "meeting") - one of the beaches near Cabarete. The place was chosen and is loved by surfers because the waves are well formed thanks to the bottom of rocky reef, located close to the shore. 

The reef is abundant with sea urchins, so almost all riders wear slippers with hard soles.

One of my friends, who surf sometimes, when there is no wind, ignored the slippers and "caught" one of them. We used one previously tested method that I learned somewhere in Egypt - put leg in the hot water with the bunch of limes and its juice and from time to time кги rub the fresh limes into the foot where the needles are. The method is checked and it helps! After in an hour or so you can go again in the water. It seems that needles dissolve in the lime juice. 

However we have seen more extreme methods. Heard that someone once went to the doctor who cut open almost the whole foot to pick out the needles (good that did not just cut the foot off!), and after could not go into salty water at least for the week. Another friend of mine takes the foot, says "be patient", and starts pounding it with the stone. This, at the end, also "softens" the needles. 

The beach itself is sandy and not too wide, especially if there are good waves. A little further from the water there few surf stations with the equipment and instructors (photo). At Encuentro Beach the annual competitions for surfers are held., such as MASTERS SURF REUNION in November (photo from Competition in 2012 here) and  MASTER OF THE OCEAN in February.